How Does EdgyDeals Save You So Much?

How Do All These Deals Work?

Great question!  Even better, it's a simple answer. 

We start by doing a TON of research to figure out what folks are already buying. 

Then, hunt down the manufacture & strike up killer deals with them. 

We ONLY source deals that are already ready to ship & located in the US.  

That means you'll get your deals in 3-9 days rather than 3-9 months!  

Can I Really Save Up To 80%? 

Yes you can.  Our deals typically start at 20% below what you'd normally pay anywhere else and only get better from there.  Often you'll save between 35% - 60% with special deals all the way to 80% off retail! 

Are These Products The Real Thing?  

100% yes!  Are they always the big name brands?  No.  Most often not.  And there's a really good reason for that: What most folks aren't aware of is that you can get the exact same product without the brand name and save thousands!  

It's true.  The big name brands just charge you a TON more to slap their label on the exact same product. 

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